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Professional Concierge Services

Ready to make the most of your trip? La Galerie French Quarter partners with Pelican New Orleans Concierge Services, allowing you to quickly and easily book top attractions right from our front desk.

Pelican New Orleans is a locally owned hospitality company that specializes in providing authentic New Orleans experiences. Tour the plantations, swamp, or city, and purchase tickets to top attractions such as the WWII Museum and Natchez Steamboat without even leaving the hotel!

Visit the front desk to plan your trip!

Bike & Equipment Rentals
Need to rent bikes, mobility scooters, strollers, or any other equipment during your stay? New Orleans Rental Services has you covered. We rent a wide range of equipment by the hour, day, or week, and we’re conveniently located in the heart of the French Quarter. See the front desk or give us a call at 504-210-8339 to make a reservation. We look forward to hearing from you!

New Orleans Rental Services
941 Decatur Street, New Orleans
Open 7 Days A Week
Visit for more information