New Orleans Insider Information

New Orleans is known for its culture, music, and quirky hidden gems. Watch legendary bartender Paul Gustings as he makes signature cocktails and shares his New Orleans insider information and tips! 

Best Time to Visit New Orleans

"The best time to visit New Orleans is definitely in December right before Christmas. The weather is nice and there’s not a whole lot of people around. One of the things that’s a highlight is caroling in Jackson Square which is where St. Louis Cathedral is which is a place where every Sunday in December, they have music inside the church as well. Another big event is Christmas in the Oaks which is in Mid-City in City Park which is a 250,000 light display. You drive through, you walk through, they have music, they have food, and they have drinks. And their hot chocolate is the best."

Best Place to See Live Music in New Orleans

"The best place these days to go listen to music is definitely Frenchmen Street. Frenchmen Street is an extension of the French Quarter. Walk down any long street in the French Quarter and you end up on Frenchmen Street. And [it] has 25 to 30 music venues and restaurants within a 2 block area. The new place to go to as well after Frenchmen Street is St. Claude Avenue which is going to be the new Frenchmen Street where all kinds of people are opening up new music venues and restaurants."

Best Hidden Gems of New Orleans

"One of the many hidden gems of New Orleans and my personal favorite is an uptown neighborhood called Oak Street. It has a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, music venues, and it’s a destination area for a lot of locals that go there on a regular basis. One of their big events is, every October, is a po-boy festival which features many many different po-boys from many different restaurants in the city of New Orleans and is definitely worth while your visiting."